Clean burning stoves are a must in today’s climate. The environment is at the forefront of many people’s minds – and while burning wood is carbon-neutral, it is important to consider the amount of smoke and other emissions released.
At Calcaria Stoves, we offer a wide range of clean burning stoves, allowing customers to purchase models that warm their home and look stunning, at the same time as having the lowest possible environmental impact. When compared to classic central heating, as well as gas and electric fires, there’s no better option than wood burning or multi fuel stoves.
Calcaria Stoves are a Tadcaster-based supplier of stoves committed to providing eco-friendly, efficient, and aesthetically stunning appliances to customers across the country. We’re partnered with a selection of high-quality British and Scandinavian stove brands, and provide free delivery and accredited installation to our valued clients.
We want to make sure that anyone can switch to clean burning stoves conveniently and affordably. By offering the very finest models, as well as great customer service, we ensure that as many people as possible can add these wonderful centrepieces to their homes.
The clean burning stoves we offer include totally-carbon neutral wood burners, as well as multi fuel models that can be used with smokeless coal.
The team at Calcaria Stoves will be happy to show you the range of clean burning stoves we offer from brands including Dimplex, Stovax, and Morso. Make a request for a particular model and we’ll do our best to source it of you.
If you’re interested in browsing the most extensive range of clean burning stoves – whether it’s wood burning or multi fuel – visit our showroom. Alternatively, contact our team on or 01937 918182 or