Looking for a more natural way to heat your home? The multi fuel stoves stocked by Calcaria Stoves offer the chance to burn wood as well as smokeless coal.
Our range spans brands originating from Britain and Scandinavia, offering some of the most reliable and in-demand models on the market. And with installation provided by our very own HETAS-accredited fitters, you can easily and affordably have one fitted in your home.
A 2017 survey showed that 41% of stove owners use multi fuel stoves. The specialised design of these stoves makes them up to 89% efficient. By ensuring that fuel combustion takes place behind glass in a sealed chamber, with air flow controlled through the model’s vents, there is little wasted energy.
At Calcaria Stoves, we want to give customers full control over their heating bills and fuel consumption with multi fuel stoves, as well as having a warming centrepiece that they can use for a blast of heat whenever they choose.
Tadcaster-based Calcaria Stoves supply and install a range of the highest-quality stoves available across Leeds, Harrogate, Wetherby and York. With top customer service and free delivery, we make sure every single customer gets the model they need installed and ready-to-use in no time.
What’s more, multi fuel stoves are a great choice for environmentally-friendly heat. Burning wood is totally carbon-neutral, and multi fuel stoves have a carbon dioxide output far lower than that of gas or electric heat sources.
So for an economic and ecological appliance that looks great in the home, take a look at the selection of multi fuel stoves at Calcaria Stoves. For more information about all our products and services visit our showroom or contact our team on or 01937 918182 or sales@calcariastoves.co.uk.