No, certainly not from what we can see. With the government looking to reduce the UK’s emissions, the are squeezing every industry as much as they can to lower the carbon footprint overall. The problem our industry suffers with, is that a small minority of stove AND open fire users just use their appliance as an incinerator (like it people did in the 80s) and throw anything from potato peelings, plastic, and just general junk on. This does nothing apart from tar up the flue, put you at a huge risk of a chimney fire, and can contribute enough emissions to make up 300 clean stoves, which the media just blames stoves when this is far from the truth. Most stove users are responsible and have a conscience of the emissions they put into the air we breathe. Stick to good quality dried logs, preferably kiln dried, and low sulphur content smokeless coals. Do your bit for the environment and all our health and be a responsible stove owner. Say NO to being given free ‘fuel’ like skirting boards, tanalised wood, MDF offcuts and the like!