This is an age-old question, which we get asked a lot. Multifuel stoves have the option to burn wood OR smokeless coal (NOT HOUSE COAL!) which gives you flexibility of course. We tend to find that people that live in ex coal mining communities prefer to use smokeless coal as their main fuel, where as people who live in cities like York, Harrogate and Selby prefer wood-based stoves. Smokeless coal can kick out a ferocious amount of heat, which can damage your appliance if not burnt in small amounts. People often state they want the fire to ‘stay in overnight’ which we strongly protest against. If you bank your stove up with coal, close all the air vents down then you will just soot up the flue system very quickly, tar up the stove and just belch out thick smoke for the entire time. In areas like York, Harrogate and Selby (and all other DEFRA approved zones) it is exceptionally important you adhere to burning fuel correctly. You will just attract unwanted attention from the local council and probably fall out with neighbours! Dedicated woodburning stoves are usually more efficient, can burn just as hot with the correct wood anyway. Plus, smokeless coal prices are skyrocketing, but ultimately the choice is down to you, as you are the end user of the stove.