What maintenance does my stove and flue system need?

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All stoves and flue systems must be swept minimum once per year if burning wood only, or if burning smokeless fuels, then twice per year. The chimney sweep will usually sweep up through the stove (depending on model and access) and sweep the liner or twin wall flue system. It is imperative you use an

Do I need planning permission to have a stove installed?

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In short – No. Unless you live in a conservation area, or your property has covenants. Calcaria stoves install stoves to all UK regulations as set out by HETAS. To be honest though, if you think that having a twin wall flue system installed will upset a neighbour or similar then go and have a

Will a stove add value to my home?

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This is quite a tricky question. While adding another heat source which doubles up as an attractive focal point, the buyer may not be remotely interested in this, and want to change it. However, there is nothing cosier than seeing a beautiful real wood stove flickering away on a cold winter’s night. Having a stove

Are stoves going to be banned in the coming future?

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No, certainly not from what we can see. With the government looking to reduce the UK’s emissions, the are squeezing every industry as much as they can to lower the carbon footprint overall. The problem our industry suffers with, is that a small minority of stove AND open fire users just use their appliance as

What are the most efficient stoves?

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The worlds most efficient are Burley stoves. They boast exceptionally low pollutant levels, and have a catalytic converter built in most of their models to achieve such low emission results. Their factory that makes the stoves is powered by renewable solar energy! Calcaria Stoves stock the top the world’s top stove manufacturers such as Woodwarm,

Do I need a DEFRA Approved Stove?

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Almost all stoves manufactured in this day and age come DEFRA approved as standard as most built up areas like York, Harrogate and Selby are densely populated, meaning that poor air quality can negative effect on a large population, Having a stove that is DEFRA approved basically means that the air controls will always permanently

Do I need a dedicated Wood Burner, or Multifuel?

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This is an age-old question, which we get asked a lot. Multifuel stoves have the option to burn wood OR smokeless coal (NOT HOUSE COAL!) which gives you flexibility of course. We tend to find that people that live in ex coal mining communities prefer to use smokeless coal as their main fuel, where as

Which is better- Cast Iron or Steel made stoves?

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Most manufacturers make stoves from steel which varies in thickness and sometimes you will find the stove body made from steel with a cast iron door. Older stoves are usually fully made from cast iron and then bolted together with rope gasket in between the joints. Steel stoves heat up faster and start heating the

What size stove do I need?

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Stove heat output is measured in KW (Kilowatts). The most common KW output is 5, as this output suits most homes and requirements. There is a calculation which you can do to give you an idea (Length x Width x Hight Metres divided by 12). It is important to keep In mind though that you

How do I know my home is adequate for a Stove?

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Most homes are suitable to accommodate a stove, whether it is solid fuel, gas or electric. Solid fuel and gas stoves can work in a chimney breast for older properties, or if the property does not have a flue system in place already or is a ‘new build’ then you will likely require a Twin

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